Things to consider when Buying a Used Car

Good Judgement is particularly important if you are looking to buy a used car:


Buying a used car can be an annoying experience especially if you are not savvy to the ways in which the used car market works. Thankfully we live in a time where you can have access to thousands of used cars that are for sale, with the click of a button. This does however mean there is less pressure on the dealers to worry about quality, as they don’t just really on loyal locals anymore there is a growing sense of anonymity in the car trade, and anonymity can corrupt the best of us, whether you are a car dealer or not.

You can get damn near anything on the used car market, whether you want a second hand Bugatti Veyron or a Fiat Panda you will be able to find one somewhere (Bugatti Veyrons might not be as readily available as the Fiat Panda but you get the picture). The only problem is, with such a variety of choice, and so many different cars, it can be hard to siphon out the bad deals that will end up stinging you in the long run from the legitimately good deals. Having said that we would recommend that you don’t just base your decision purely on price. For example if you look at say 10 adverts for a second hand Chevrolet Spark, same model, same year and everything, and 1 is ridiculously cheaper than the rest of them, alarm bells should start ring, the kind that say something must be wrong, not “What a Bargain!” So just be careful and don’t let cheap prices cloud your judgement, as they could end up costing you more in the long run.

Another thing you might want to consider is leasing. Buying used always seems like the cheapest and best way of owning a car, but leasing I also a good way of saving a few quid, and you get the car new. Let’s take the Chevrolet Spark again, for a used one you are looking at an average of £5000, whereas to lease a Chevrolet Spark we found a deal for £170 a month for 3 years, which amounts to £6120 which isn’t too much more than you would pay to buy a second hand Spark, obviously there is a downside in that you only get the car for 3 years but the cost being spread out monthly is very appealing to some people and you may have only planned on keeping the car for that long anyway.

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