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Welcome to Mitsubishi Racing World where we shall take a look into what Mitsubishi Motors have achieved in the world of motorsports as well as a look into what the future holds for Mitsubishi Racing.

When people think of Mitsubishi they often think of the likes of the Mitusbishi Colt or the Mitsubishi Grandis, little do they know the same company that has made these humble cars also a force to be reckoned with in the racing world. Mitsubishi Motors is a car manufacturer which was introduced in 1970 and is based in Japan. Mitsubishi Motors is part of the larger company known as Mitsubishi Group which has been involved in the automotive world since 1917. In the early years their automotive efforts were met with a lot of struggle, as their first model was very expensive and largely unmarketable. Mitsubishi therefore left the automotive business until the 60s when they came out with the Mitsubishi 500 which was received a little more positively and lead to the Creation of Mitsubishi Motors.

Mitsubishi Motors is now one of the top 20 largest automakers in the world and it has around 50 years of international motorsport experience. It has many famous models in the racing world, especially when it comes to rally racing. The Lancer Evolution is one of the most famous and has had a popular rivalry with the Subaru Impreza. For more information at the Lancer Evolution Wiki page click this. The beauty of these high performance cars over say an F1 car, is that you can quite easily become the owner of a road legal model and live out your fantasy for real.

Because some of these models such as the Lancer have developed such a cult status, used Mitsubishi sales continue to flourish. True petrol heads are far more interested in the history and prestige of a model rather than fancy new gadgets and a favourable warranty package.

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